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A panoramic view of Dhofar  Governorate, on various levels: the geographic, environmental, biological as well as the social and cultural aspects of Omani society and its history and heritage as a whole package to our valuable tourists through our touristy trips and all this by  local citizen themselves.

Aruba Al khali tours

The Empty Quarter tours

The Empty Quarter, or ‘Rub Al Khali’ in Arabic, is the world’s largest sand desert that so intrigued the likes of Lawrence of Arabia and the explorer Wilfred Thesiger.

Full Day Desert Safari

8 hours

Overnight in Aruba Al khali Desert

1 night & 2 days

Sunset trip at Empty Quarter

8 hours

Aruba Al khali Desert and Al Fazayah beach tour

2 nights & 3 days

Aruba Al khali

2 nights & 3 days

you can enjoy a 4×4 drive in the desert or a camel ride, or camp out on the dunes. One of the best experiences of the Empty Quarter tours is to spend some time with the Bedouins of the desert. Visitors can enjoy listening to old stories about Oman, its culture and the desert. They will be introduced to the lifestyle, homes, and food of the Bedouin people.

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East and west salalah tours

Discover Salalah

A Trip Around Dhofar Region

3 Nights and Four Days